The Youth of Barlborough (YOBs) youth club meets every Wednesday during term time at the Village Hall on the High Street. Our young people range in age from 8 to 16 years. The admission charge for each session is only £1.50.

Within the main hall we have a pool table, table football, table tennis, games and crafts. In another smaller meeting room we have Play Stations and an X-Box 360.

Barlborough Primary School kindly allow us the use their adjacent play ground and basket ball court.

Club Rules


  1. Become involved, it’s your club
  2. Tell staff what you would like to do
  3. Make new friends and welcome visitors
  4. Respect staff as most are volunteers
  5. Obey safety requests
  6. Put your rubbish in the bin.


  1. Bully or be violent
  2. Damage property or equipment
  3. Swear
  4. Smoke, use drugs or consume alcohol.

We are staffed by a group of volunteer adults who generously give of their time to support this project. Anyone wishing to support our project in terms of finance or time should contact David Raizada.

Contact Details

Chair: David Raizada 07521 263362