Little School

In 1798 AD the De Rodes family allowed the church to form a poor school. A barn was converted to house the school and a trust was formed for administration purposes. The school originally catered for 30 pupils. It continued as a poor school until 1874 when it was converted to an infant school. Barlborough School Charity (no. 526998) was established on 12th February 1859 and was altered by Schemes of the Board of Education of 9 May 1904 and 14 July 1922.

In 1894 plans were drawn up to enlarge the school in order to double the intake from 30 to 60 pupils. In 1897, adding an extra schoolroom and cloakroom extended the school. It continued as an infant school until closed in 1928. Barlborough Little School has been a valuable community facility since 1928. It has served as a gymnasium, library, doctor’s surgery and youth club. For many years it was used as the meeting room for the senior citizen’s group, Barlborough Darby and Joan.